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We'd love to hear about your upcoming, ongoing, and pipe dream projects! Get in touch whether you are looking for someone to help realize your project, want to talk shop, or are just plain curious about what we do. If you'd like to check out the shop and see what we're up to, let us know so we can schedule a time to show you around!

CALL US  720 316 0851

EMAIL  info @ vintage

VISIT THE SHOP  6703 E 47th Avenue Drive, Denver CO 80216


Vintage Trailer Co, a RV and trailer renovation and restoration company located in Denver, CO, is looking to hire 1-2 highly qualified contractors to help with its growing pipeline of projects. Vintage Trailer Co's projects include everything from modernizing vintage trailers with fixture upgrades and basic reconstruction of cabinetry, reflooring, electrical/plumbing, and exterior work (i.e. polishing, body work, undercarriage maintenance) to full build-outs / remodels for our clients, which include a steady mix of uses from private recreation, corporate marketing & entertainment to food & beverage and hospitality. Compensation is competitive with market and this position offers flexible work schedules and each contractor the ability to manage 100% of their projects. Another benefit of this opportunity is the entrepreneurial nature of Vintage Trailer Co. As a young company managing a robust pipeline, we have had to turn away exciting projects due to a lack of great help. At Vintage Trailer Co, a proven contractor will have a platform to take on as many projects as they can handle at one time and manage their own team (if they decide they need additional help) and on their own time line. This position will also offer the right person the ability to build their own pipeline of work and never wonder where their next job is coming from. 


This is a unique position because Vintage Trailer Co is in the early stages of hiring full-time employees to build out the vision of our young company. Any contractor that is hired will be joining at the ground floor of the company and, provided the work is superior and they are the right fit, that contractor will have the option in the coming months, if they so chose, to join the team as one of the first employees with benefits, a competitive salary and significant room for advancement within the company. However, for now, our goal is find highly skilled contractors who will be considered "in-house, but 3rd party" who do continued, repeat work for Vintage Trailer Co. The ideal contractor is skilled across various areas, reliable and a self-starter, has a network they can tap for any subcontractor work that might be required to complete a project and above all else, a track record of successfully managing projects (i.e. quality of work completed, management of time lines, budgets, good communication skills, etc.). All contractors must carry 3rd party independent contractor insurance. 

Vintage Trailer Co is a RV and trailer renovation and restoration company located in Denver, CO.  Our projects originate through word of mouth and a close partnership with LivMobil, one of the nation's largest Airstream rental company based in Denver, CO with rental branches in San Diego, CA, Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA, Sacramento, CA, Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Scottsdale, AZ and Washington, DC. Through this partnership Vintage Trailer Co is currently working on projects for clients around the country and is actively engaging LivMobil on ways to continue building out the Vintage Trailer Co brand nationally through various synergies and additional partnerships. 


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